The Idol Dead - Dark Little Hearts

With their Brit Rock 'n' Roll sound, Leeds based rockers The Idol Dead have made a lot of noise in the industry within the six years of forming, sharing the stage with bands like Buckcherry, Hatebreed and Spear of Destiny, to name a few. After the release of their debut album Die On My Feet Or Live On My Knees the band have worked hard to record new songs and get them to their fans as soon as they possibly can with this new release Dark Little Hearts

The album opens with the song Blue Skies . The fast paced track introduces you to the main tone of the album. With a catchy chorus and hook it's a song that'll have you singing along at the top of your lungs. The third track Vampire is definitely another of the stand out songs on the album. The eeriness of the opening make the guitar shredding all that much more impressive. When the song kicks into full force it has a Kiss/ Early Alice Cooper vibe to it.

Following Vampire is another stellar song entitled Dion . The guitar playing of KC Duggan and Tim Jeffs make this a must listen track as between the guitar breakdown, licks and solo's it shows off the talent of these two musicians perfectly as the beating heart of this band.

The seventh track I'm Drowning presents a diverse side to the band and shows that the five musicians have no trouble when transitioning into a different style. This song is all about the lyrics and vocals as Polly Phluid does a great job of conveying emotion throughout the six and a half minutes. Beautiful Disaster rounds up the 11 track album. It serves as a great closer, as the guitar is left to play out at the end almost saying 'to be continued...'

Dark Little Hearts is a hard hitting album and really proves that Britain still houses some great heavy rock. If you're a fan of Guns 'n' Roses or The Wildhearts you should really go out of your way to pick up a copy of this album. Also make sure you check out The Idol Dead live throughout March, April and May, tour dates are available through the band's Facebook page.