Castor Troy - Across The Water

Newcastle based band 'Castor Troy' are set to release their debut album Across The Water this Spring. The alt-rockers formed in 2012 and wasted no time as over the past two years they have built a solid fan base by touring and gaining strong support. The album opens with an instrumental track titled Chapter One, the slow build up throughout the two slot proving an enticing intro. It's more than a perfect way to open up the album as by the time the drum fills flowed in listeners become fully invested in this band.

The second track Winter Lights is a great follow on from the opener. Benn Gibson's vocals in this song just emits emotion which helps make the message of the lyrics strong and hard hitting. By the end of this song you will be left wondering how on earth the rest of the album was going to live up to the high standards they had set themselves, but you needn't worry as the third track Undivided opens with a gritty guitar riff from Michael Fulcher. This a song you can sink your teeth into as every element combines to make a solid competitor for best track on the album.

The fourth track Nineteen takes the band in a different direction with it being a lot slower than the others but it holds its own against the heavier tracks. Most of the song is occupied by Gibson's voice but two thirds of the way in it's joined again by Fulcher's wailing guitar sound. The one and a half minute piano instrumental that is Infatuation encourages goosebumps and helps lead the sound back into Castor Troy's heavier side. Title track Across The Water features an excellent Joey Dryden bass line helping this song's dramatic statement by giving it that little extra kick.

Drummer Chris Gilks really comes into his own on seventh track Jenny 23 providing a complex but steady beat throughout the song. The timing of the vocals in certain parts of this song seem misplaced but there is a sense that it actually enhances the track a little bit by making it sound raw.

This is Not returns to a slower pace and still carries the tone of the album faultlessly. Castor Troy have taken great care in making sure each song on the album flows into the next which is usually the thing most bands overlook but it really does make a difference. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and by the ninth track The Condemned you'll be grasping for more. By far one of the strongest aspects of this track is the lyrics. The way they're delivered and the way they were written seriously adds all kinds of epic to the track.

It's the amazing musicianship from the likes of Castor Troy that are helping to put the UK back on top in rock music. If you're a rock fan in any way you have to make sure you pick up Across The Water as soon as it's released on May 26th.