F.O.E.S - Ophir

After five solid months of writing and re-writing track after track and then recording and polishing each one until they shine, Liverpool based band F.O.E.S. (Fall of Every Sparrow) can now show off the result - a five track debut EP titled Ophir.

Having been together little over a year, F.O.E.S. blend together elements of post-punk and alternative rock to create this twenty minute demonstration of their talents. Sewn To The Sail & Unknown is the opening track and first impressions are that F.O.E.S. is onto something special. Guitars gently swirl in this tune with vocals clearly expressing themselves, and when things get a little tougher they gain even more momentum and pull you in further. The Writing On The Wall is a little harder. As vocals drift within the gentle guitars of the verses, on choruses guitars really kick up and the main vocal is accompanied with a few screams.

The EP's lead single Ningyo opens with a beautifully calm atmosphere, vocals sitting perfectly on top of guitars you could drift away with. Then things explode a minute or so in and your attention is grasped back from wherever your mind had escaped. Four Of Oxblood is another powerful track with some gentle flowing guitar verses and slightly edgier choruses with the occasional screams. This is certainly the highlight of the album and leads in nicely to another cracker in the form of the closing track The First Rook To Flee As The Thunder Rolls In, which really shines with the vocal talents of Chris Mackrill.

As if this EP wasn't enough to tickle your taste buds, a second release is scheduled for early in the Autumn - here is keeping fingers crossed for an album!