Midday Committee - Girls In Open C

Pop-punk band Midday Committee are celebrating 4 years since forming by releasing Girls In Open C , a 7 track EP that is designed to showcase a new sound. 2013 was a big year for the band as it housed the release of their first music video Starry Eyes, an extensive UK tour, all whilst somehow finding time to create this EP with the help of renowned producer, Matt O'Grady. This is Midday Committee's 3rd release following previous successes Nice Kids, Bad Judge in Character and I'm Sure Someone Mentioned A Cheque which received great reviews from online publications across the board. Still the band aren't taking what would be a well-deserved rest, instead they're gearing up to tour throughout spring and summer promoting this new release.

The first track is a 15 second Intro which is good but personally we don't understand why it had to be separate from the second track I Swear to God I'm Going to Pistol Whip the Next therefore making it a 6 song EP instead. Moving on from that point though, collectively the first and second track have a great hook embedded with lyrical brilliance.

Third track Maybe I Should draws your attention to the creative guitar riffs of Rich Sanders and Kieran Heath. It's an all round amazing song and we can see this translating well to the live stage show as the chanting would really get the crowd involved. And on the topic of nominating songs to be added to Midday Committee's live set we'd like to put forward fifth track Hometowns . The fast tempo snare drum from Kurtis Maiden at the beginning and consistent beat he provides throughout the song would make for an ideal live song.

The closing track takes a sharp turn away from the previous song styles as it's a soft acoustic love song. Although this type of song was unexpected it is on par with the other tracks across the EP, showing the band can alternate between different genres.

We must say for a third release this EP is above and beyond and we can't wait to hear more from these guys. If you'd like to give Midday Committee a listen you can head over to middaycommittee.bandcamp.com now.