Debut Album - Massive Hit

It seems like I Divide are going from strength to strength at the moment, and are beginning to have a heightened presence across the festivals, playing at Takedown Festival as well as being set to open the second stage at this years Download festival. Alongside this they've just completed a successful tour with Blitz Kids and so with the release of this debut album, it looks like the future is promising.

Starting with the amazingly catchy Follow Me, I Divide definitely set up the pace for their awesome debut album Last One Standing! The chorus of "follow, follow" is easy to remember and it's pretty much impossible to hate this song. "Tell me something that I don't know!" proves to be yet another catchy lyric kicking off the awesome track Tell Me Something. This band know exactly what they're doing and have a great focus, creating music that appeals to a lot of age groups.

Monster In Me is a monster song in itself, the guitar work being particularly awesome combining with the added percussion as you begin to hear influences from across the Metal spectrum whether it's Metallica or Slipknot. The awesome vocals round it off and just complete this song. After Monster In Me we carry onto such greats as 27 Down with the awesome voice of Rebecca Need-Menear from Anavae.

The last track Look At Me Now is a massive finger to everyone who ever questioned this bands worth with the statement "Look at me now" it couldn't be more apt for this band. With this awesome debut album it seems that I Divide are another great British Rock band intent on world domination. If you're a fan of British rock pick up this album and catch these guys live, they're amazing!