Drag - Neurotica Review

Four piece band Drag are bringing back classic British punk with their debut album Neurotica. The Birmingham quartet have gained a strong fan base over the past 3 years of touring the tattoo festival circuit and opening for artists such as Toyah Wilcox, Mister Joe Black and The Sex Pistols Experience. As well as making an impression in the live music scene the band have also received raving reviews from many distinguished publications and critics. Now with their upcoming release it looks like Drag is going to smash through into everyone's consciousness.

The first song on the album is the title track Neurotica and it opens with a very catchy guitar riff from Velma which provides a greatback bone to the song. On this track lead singer Heather has a similar vocal style to Joe Strummer but with a strong feminine twist. Second track Fine is definitely on the heavier side starting with a steady bass line. This track shows the band are not opposed to delving into different sounds and they're more than capable of doing so as well. We really love the pattern the verses and chorus' follow and it blends incredibly well with the instruments. Axewound follows on well and continues the heavier theme. The lyrics are well written and easy to pick up and you will be singing along instantly. During the small breakdown just before the three minute mark it includes some great intricate drumming. Andy's drumming is then also a main feature in the fourth track on the album The Ugly opening with a memorable beat before the bass joins in to enhance the intro. The slow start to the song works really well with the genre and continues into a hard hitting chorus before retreating back for the verses.

Fifth track Dandy Boy is a far cry from the previous songs as it features a slow acoustic guitar and soft vocals. It doesn't seem out of place with the way the band present the song however. As the instruments build up behind the vocals they remain steady throughout which makes this a great all 'round track. Suddenly we're thrown back in to the rock sound with sixth track Shock and Bad Taste. It's not our favourite song on the album but it serves a purpose of leading you back to the punk sound after the acoustic track.

Hell 7 (American Mary) is by definition a punk anthem with the erratic drum beat and dense guitar sound taking the spotlight in this song. One could only wish a song like this was a bit longer than two minutes, eleven seconds but the time frame adds to the effect of the song in keeping with the punk mould. The last track on the album is titled Wet and has a similar sound pattern to previous tracks Fine and Axewound but is different enough to have its own identity on the album.

All in all Drag are must listen band for people who like classic punk bands with a dash of 90's riot girl. The band show some great promise and we're willing to bet that in the next year or so they'll be making it big.