Of Allies - Tempers

Although they have barely been together for a year, Yorkshire-based band Of Allies is about to release their debut EP Tempers upon the UK music scene.

This up and coming band combines elements of alternative and melodic rock with a few darker tones to create this five track release. Opening with the slow moving melody of Ghosts, things quickly increase in pace and atmosphere. With the rumble of drums and steady guitars acting as a base for the verses, it is the choruses where things explode with heavy guitar riffs, crashing drums and where the vocals of lead singer Rich Nichols really shine.

Our Decay is next on the agenda and builds on the sounds created by the EP's opening tune, while taking things to the next level. Moods and melodies are increased and become stronger while the united vocal chants top things off. As far as taking this track to a live show, it has that type of energy you know in your hearts will go down a treat and get the crowd screaming. In Screens carries on in a similar fashion as its predecessors but sounds a little lighter in its melodies and things do not appear as dark as they previously have. In Stasis takes things down to a much slower pace on the verses while choruses remain tightly held together. The EP concludes with Play Dead and in a similar way to the tracks surrounding it, explodes at times whilst remaining calm at others, really demonstrating the bands ability in creating multiple-layers within their music.

Overall, considering the small amount of time the band has been together, finding a sound that works for them and practicing to fine tune this sound, Of Allies has done a wonderful job with this EP and it certainly proves themselves as talented musicians.