Fahran Chasing Hours

Brit rockers Fahran make a welcome return with their sophomore album; Chasing Hours. Their debut self-titled and self-produced album received great feedback so it is no surprise that they wasted no time in releasing a follow up, and the talented quintet have packed Chasing Hours with riffs and hooks aplenty.

From the get go Fahran prove themselves to be a tight and cohesive unit who are capable of making tunes that are easy to listen to while packing a punch. You could be forgiven for thinking that Chasing Hours is the product of a much more mature band.

Jack Graham and Chris Byrne prove to be a dynamic duo; the guitar work on this release is faultless and that is not just thanks to the flawless production. These boys have excellent musicianship. Frontman Matt Black also ensures that the album is flawless in the vocal department. His voice is strong, soulful but never overpowering - the balance between levels is just perfect.

Chasing Hours is a fabulous effort, it is by no means groundbreaking but Fahran cannot be faulted. The perfomance and production on this album is top notch and we very much look forward to hearing tracks like Cased In Steel and Prison performed live, and you will too after listening to this.