Generation Graveyard - Lonewolves

This EP by London based five piece Generation Graveyard, is one that will steadily grow on you after the first listen. Its high velocity mix of hardcore, punk, metal and social comment has proven in the end irresistible. You do though of course need to play all the tracks on their Lonewolves EP really LOUD, to truly appreciate the appeal.

Abominate/Desolate, the opener, lyrically covers some dark themes, reflecting the scarred urban environment the band observe around them. The track has a pulverising hardcore feel, with a great garage style guitar break. What you really notice though about this track, and many of the others on the EP, are the full on melodic punk hooks.

Human Hive exemplifies that with a singalong chorus, mad thrash riffing and crashing punk style cymbals going on around it; it's bound to be a slam and pit favourite!

Closing track Lonewolves shows the real potential of mixing high energy punk and hardcore, with metal. Sludge type doom riffs, and at points quasi blast beats, intersect powerfully with the punk ethic, and another great hook of a chorus.

A relentless slab of melodic urban noise, that courageously avoids the mainstream! Check out too the amazing artwork on the EP.