Fire Red Empress - Paint Me The Devil

Birmingham rockers Fire Red Empress have an EP to let loose on the British public in the form of Paint Me The Devil.

The latest single Left Unspoken is the EP's opening track and after a few taps of what sounds like a saucepan lid things jump right in with hard hitting rock riffs. Concentrated guitar riffs and crashing drumming combined with some edgy vocals from lead singer Nik Taylor-Stoakes and you have a good old fashioned rock tune on your hands. Next up is the EP's title track and it sounds pretty much of the same style as its predecessor - also a hard hitting soaring tune full of big hooks and tough vocals, but it has a little more flair about it which makes it stand out. Behind the Veil is the EP's third and final track and once again Fire Red Empress knock the nail on the head with yet another heart thumping tune, a little less aggression than the previous tracks but never fails to impress.

Fire Red Empress has made a powerfully thunderous hard rock EP with Paint Me The Devil and we cannot wait to hear more.