Speedshot - BLOW EP Review

A couple of months ago SpeedShot showed up on our radar with a fast paced EP entitled SUCK. Now the three piece rock band are back with some new juicy tunes in the form of EP BLOW.

First song on the EP Vaseline threw us straight into the band's distinct sound. The song contains an up tempo drum beat coupled with a fast melody and a consistent guitar riff from beginning to end with short breaks to add emphasis to parts of the chorus. This track certainly captivated us early on and we can safely say it is one of the best songs the band has written to date.

Second track Living Like This takes you back to the classic rock/ punk type of sound especially when it comes to the lyrics throughout the song. Some parts sound disjointed but it works within the theme. This band certainly has a great lyrical genius among them as there is a great balance between poetry and storytelling.

The last song is entitled Stereo Bible and proves our previous point as it continues with lyrical elegance and incorporates the drums and guitar into part of the narrative through riffs, beats and solos. This track does a great job at rounding out a seamless record and has us wanting so much more from Speedshot.

This EP is available at https://soundcloud.com/speedshotuk for free so we highly suggest you head over there and have a listen for yourself.