Full Throttle? You Damn Right.

It's been long overdue but the good old fashioned rock 'n' roll band is slowly making a comeback and Aussie rockers, Massive, are following suit with their debut album Full Throttle. All 15 tracks do an amazing job throwing you back to the golden years of rock with songs such as Same Old Story and Burn The Sun. It was actually hard for us to believe that a band that has only been together two years could create such a wonderful masterpiece.

The album opens with lead single One By One which had us hooked from the start, it's an all 'round amazing track and incorporates all the elements that are used to produce a great rock anthem. We can't pick out one single reason why we like this song, it has everything you need from shredding guitar solos to an overall energy threaded through every element of the track.

Second song on the album Hollywood continues to show Massive at their best as the tempo is kept high and with a great sing along chorus we can see this being a big hit at live shows. Big Trend Setter slowed the pace of the album down but that's not to say the song was any less epic than the ones previous. This song has a great vibe similar to that of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers throughout the verses, but with dashes of heavy instruments put in for some taste.

Sixth track Ghosts is a classic rock ballad in the making, the conviction expressed in the vocals match with the high end musical composition and propels Massive into a whole new standard of music. Burn The Sun follows and helps transition the album back into the bands heavier style with the gritty sound of the guitar, vocal styling and head banging drum beats.

The eleventh track as serves as the title for the album, Full Throttle. It's a fast song displaying the band's ability to blend the modern and classic rock style in together to make for an interesting listen and leaves the audience hanging by a thread. Fortunately Massive were gracious enough to add four bonus tracks, including two original songs and two classic rock covers. The first bonus track entitled Halo or The Gun has a very atmospheric intro before the band kick it into high gear, incorporating chanting, a solid drum line and musical riffs. Massive chose to cover AC/DC's If You Want Blood (You've Got it) adding their own personal style to the world famous song.

Overall we think for a debut album this is a prominent starting point and we can't wait to see what Massive's second album will hold, this one is going to be hard to beat. We're looking forward to seeing these guys live as we can only imagine how amazing some of these songs will translate on stage.