DeadAudioSaints - The Purge EP Review

Yorkshire rockers, DeadAudioSaints, are getting geared up to release their debut record in the form of EP titled The Purge. Although the band only formed in 2013 they have had a huge amount of radio support, have been featured in a few publications and all of this before the set release date of The Purge.

The first track shares its name with the EP title and also serves as the lead single. The telephone tone at the beginning of the song creates a set atmosphere within the song. This atmosphere is continued by the way to vocals have been recorded and mixed along with the instruments. We really liked how distinct each element of the song was and the way it was presented through the speakers.

Second track Tear Apart starts with an infectious guitar riff and when the vocals kicked in it reminded us of a heavier Muse like sound but while saying that the whole track remains unique and unlike anything we've ever heard before.

The Game has a very strong 30 Seconds to Mars influence flowing throughout it but the band do a great job of taking that influence and spinning it a whole new direction. It's definitely one of those songs that you can just close your eyes and get lost between the lyrics and melody.

Fourth track Don't Like You has a very prominent bass line throughout making this a hard hitting song. We can imagine this song being a big hit with a live crowd as it has a good mixture of heavy instruments and vocal talent.

The intro on the last track of the album,Taking Control, hits the core of the listener straight away thanks to the fast drum beat and dense bass line. It's an amazing way to round off this selection of songs and had us wanting a full length album.

For a debut DeadAudioSaints are showing promise and we can imagine them to appeal to the fans of the alternative rock scene. We hope to hear more from these guys in the near future. The Purge is released on September 1st so be sure to get yourself a copy.