The Xcerts - There Is Only You

The Xcerts have kept fans waiting for their third album for some time but it's all been worth it with the release of their brand new album There Is Only You. This feels like quite a personal release, as lyrically the Scottish three piece opted for looking upon on their own experiences past and present.

After the gentle instrumental opening of 2.12.12 the album really kicks off with Live Like This; a poppy track with a catchy chorus ("you don't have to live like this"). Lead single Shaking In The Water is another upbeat tune with a catchy melody and some tougher guitars - pretty much how the rest of the album goes. A good example of a track on here delivering some of those honestly written lyrics is Teenage Lust which is quite a powerful tune whilst remaining upbeat.

Pop Song is literally just that. It is bouncy, poppy and will easily get you jumping and waving your arms around at a live show - the piano makes quite a stand out impression on this one too. Quite a punch is delivered with Kids On Drugs which as it progresses, builds in sound and atmosphere making it quite a memorable number.

Whilst this album is upbeat at it's very core, there is the odd track which calms things down a bit. I Don't Care is a good example of this with its slower nature allowing for the harmonies to stand out especially. Kevin Costner is a tad slower in its melodies, though there are moments that explode with emotion. It is the concluding tune on this release however that is packed with passion. There Is Only You , the title track for the album, is a beautifully performed tune, finding itself accompanied by only the gentle keys of a piano which could have you melting away. There is a surprise burst at its centre that stays with you until the end.

Although fans may have been kept waiting for some time, There Is Only You is a wonderful injection of new material.