Did someone say Riff?

If anyone knows anything about music they'll know that when it comes to different members from several bands coming together it can only literally go one way or the other. There is rarely any middle ground as each note struck is scrutinised to the nth degree. Oddly enough, right from the off Krokodil have simply avoided all of this. They're simply a group of mates writing excellent music together. When you listen to this record, you won't care that it contains members from Sikth and Gallows among others, because the quality of the tracks across the whole album is hugely impressive. This is Krokodil, and they're ready to take over on a whole new level.

The first three tracks; Shatter, Skin Of The Earth and Dead Man's Path fly by in an absolute blitz of riffs. The band have been able to blend an excellent cross between filthy Sludge Metal and savage Hardcore, adding a wonderful layer of intricacy throughout. You know you're listening to a good album, when as it finishes you need to put it straight back on again; that's the kind of album this is, and with each listen you pick up on and appreciate something new. Porcelain Bones for example has an absolutely thunderous impact on the album, sounding like an old Mastodon track with some furious blast beat style drumming to finish things off. As this track concludes it moves in to the slower number The Collapse which highlights the perfect balance struck at all times across the record.

Towards the latter stages of the album comes an interesting collaboration, as Krokodil combine with Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro with Sun Riders. Now before you deliver a sigh, give this track a chance because without doubt it is the absolute stand out on Nachash. The contrasting vocal styles between Simon Neil and Simon Wright just work, as the track grows and grows into this emotive beast.

After their performances in the summer at the likes of Sonisphere, the anticipation for Nachash really started to climb, and in all fairness to the band they have absolutely delivered. At the very least it will stop people going on about them having the new Slipknot bassist for a bit. Each track sounds and feels like it has received an intense level of care and they will be sure to have more than several heads banging on their upcoming tour supporting Mastodon. Make sure you get down to the shows early; they are not to be missed.