Of Allies

From the moment their debut EP Tempers made its presence known, you knew there was something special about Of Allies. They were not going to be one hit wonders or follow in anyone else’s footsteps; they are going to do things their way and make an impact when doing so. A year after the release of their debut these Yorkshire rockers are set to release their new offering, a new five track EP titled Fragments. This second offering combines all the elements of their first EP but takes them up a gear.

Opening with the title track, a loud thunderous stampede of music which settles down for the verses while explodes full power for the choruses, you can feel that tingling sensation that you are in for a treat. Old Bones opens in a similar fashion, loud and fast, before toning things back for the verses, building before a surge of music for the chorus that you just want to yell along with, especially the harmonies towards the end.

ONE19 has more of an edge. There is a constant drum thumping through the verses but as the chorus grows it completely blows you away with the chest-thumping magnitude of what has been created. Opening with a strong guitar riff, Tempers is another powerful tune, crashing like no other on this release. As the last track begins, Call It Home is stripped back a little with calmer tones settling in and we hear a different side to what Of Allies are capable to creating; and it is just as remarkable as the upbeat side.

This is certainly an anthemic record that you will be blown away by upon the first listen. These are the type of tracks large venues are made to see being performed and hopefully some day we will.