Incredibly Heavy Prog

Islasorna are a Scottish Prog-Metal outfit who have begun to build a name for themselves on the live scene supporting some top names currently breaking through including Martyr Defiled and Bleed From Within - and based on even just one run through of E.D.E.N. you’ll see exactly why they’ve been subject to these positive grumblings. Prog Metal often divides people as it is filled with bands who either ramp up on the atmospherics, or those who follow a more aggressive riff fuelled system. Whilst both styles can often lead to mind boggling results, Islasorna definitely sit in the latter of these. Some of the riffs on this album sound ridiculously huge, take the second track Achluophobia for example - the guitar work on this track wouldn’t be misplaced on a Doom/Drone record.

That’s not to say that the band totally neglect the proggier side of things. The first two tracks will pummel you with complicated arrangements and heaviness, with influences clearly flowing from the likes of Meshuggah, but as you get to Judas you see another side to the band. Cleaner vocals and a more epic collection of sounds actually makes it feel like you’d hit shuffle by accident. The track is excellent and really shows the expansive nature to Islasorna’s music. With this only being a six track EP, it could certainly be very exciting to see where the band takes this because the quality is quite obviously there. The erratic, complicated levels of heavy smashing through across the record encourages several repeat listens. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself hooked on this let’s just put it that way. They’ve been able to craft six brilliantly produced, and yet distinctively different from each other, tracks without it turning into an incoherent and inconsistent mess. That smacks of talent and certainly make these a band to keep your eye on.