Walk in Coma - Narrenturm

Walk in Coma, a five piece Metal band from Essex, describe themselves as an 'Alternative Metal' outfit seeking to 'get music right under your skin'! On their new EP Narrenturm they have succeed, with some new and diverse Metal sounds.

Opening track Fools Tower proves a deceptively gentle beginning, with washes of electronic sound, piano and atmospheric melodic guitars. Then you are hit hard with Raising Hell! It's Heavy Death growl vocals are complemented perfectly by some monster riffs, with a marvellous Slipknot style middle section. Some musically added lighter tones, come courtesy of some background keyboards.

Nein with both clean and growl vocals, has a very bluesy lead guitar line, and a very infectious rhythmic feel to it. Alex Adlington's vocals draw you in to the song, with a really warm feel, giving the song a great heart, whilst Asylum, with its Groove Metal feel, sounds like it would inspire a pretty insane mosh pit. Definitely one to experience live!

The Fire, the closing song, is one of the more musically aggressive songs on the EP, which shows the band can also mix it up with some more extreme metal sounds. The crunchy guitar sounds and pinch harmonics from guitarists Mark Elliott and James Cater sound immense.The rhythm section of Tom Case and Joe Reid really come into their own on this track, creating a really edgy and technically tight rhythm underpinning.

Walk in Coma already have studio time booked in February, to record some new songs, and we can't wait to hear them! This is a really excellent EP, and introduction to the band.