Patrons - As Above, So Below

Plymouth quartet Patrons came together through friendship and love of music several years ago and when the opportunity surfaced to sign to Rose Coloured Records earlier this year the band jumped at the opportunity and this week they release their debut album titled As Above, So Below.

Featuring ten post-hardcore style tracks, inspiration for these tunes is rooted in the band's own personal history whilst also drawing on some of their core musical influences such as Biffy Clyro, Brand New and Thrice. The opening tune First of the Slow Burners has some fairly placid verses although the choruses liven things up with the pounce of guitars and catchy vocals. The level of ambience presented on this opener pretty much shapes the tone for the rest of the album. Shapes In Nature, Everything Matters and Last Of The Quick Think all begin fairly mellow then punch through with the strumming guitars, intense vocal screeches and yelling of lyrics. Army of One is one of the more forceful tunes, punching and crashing and never letting go for a minute's breath. The Art of Conversation takes the high powered nature of the band down a little with a slower pace, well that is until the 90 seconds in with the intense guitars, drumming and vocals crash back in; the song erupts at the end.

Just when you think you may have discovered the ballad of the bunch with Listen and its very subtle opening, things progress to a tougher atmosphere but it does maintain a different pace compared to the tunes before it. Vocals and melodies across the record do sound rather rugged at times which does give it a bit of a live feel.

Although these songs are powerful, forceful and demand your attention, there is something lacking to promote continual repeat-listens. There are a few elements that shine brighter than others, but nothing overly memorable. As a debut they've demonstrated well what they're capable of, we look forward to seeing how they can take this and more in to developing even further down the line.