Dialects - Ilusory/When You Die, You're Truly Alone

Dialects, a four piece progressive metal band from Glasgow, are quite rightly creating a stir wherever they play. Live they play wonderfully melodic musical pieces, with the most intricate of interplay between the instruments, and dynamic shifts of pace and intensity. Throw in a metal based abrasiveness that drives the music to exhilarating heights, and you have something very special indeed. The two guitarists Conor and Steven are also known to jump into the audience, and create a math rock style mosh pit....you have been warned!

Their new double A-side single llusory/When You Die, You're Truly Alone is a magnificent example of what the band can do musically. llusory ushers in some frenetic ensemble playing, with criss-crossing guitar soloing, and some truly amazing polyrhythmic drumming. It's as good as the Mahavishnu Orchestra in full flight, with the same intense and scary moments, where you wonder if the band might fall off the edge, with the musical risks they take. Fantastic!

When You Die,You're Truly Alone begins with the gentlest of guitar figures, and floating jazz style percussion and bass from Szymon and Ali. The emerging melodic theme has a resonance, that feels both poignant, and to be touching on sadness. Then the song hits one of those dynamic shifts Dialects do so effortlessly, where the guitars spiral skywards and the rhythm flies. Its breathtaking in its execution, and quite emotionally moving.

This great single is available from Sunbird Records as a unique print 7inch vinyl.
http://shop.sunbirdrecords.co.uk/pro.../dialects-double-a-side. The artwork is stunning too!