Master of Puppets

Puppet Kings are a classic hard hitting rock band hailing from Brighton, a city with a vibrant rock scene any day of the year, so to be noticed locally is just as tough there as being noticed nationally. To help with their quest, the trio have released a brand new EP Very Cool & Groovy. While the EP title may not envisage a typical rocking release, looks can be deceptive.

All four tracks have an uplifting, racing tempo which is in full evidence with opener Wanderlust. All the pieces are there for highly enjoyable 15 minutes of good old fashioned rock. The vocals, the riffs, the beats all blend perfectly together as if the three from The People's Republic of Brighton and Hove were made for each other.

With the opening of Rich N White we hear everyone's favourite current US President (sadly there's no choice here, sorry) with his election mantra "I will build a great great wall.....", which immediately lets you know that this is going to be a politically motivated track. You need to have additional power behind any political track to carry it off, London's Deux Furieuses are perfect example on how to do it. Puppet Kings come close, certainly no complaints about the lyrics, the message or the sincerity of the track but it lacks the anger, the frustration behind it, instead feeling more like a complaint to The Guardian letters page. The tone of this track is the same as the other three which makes it too polite in its delivery for the subject. However, as complaints go, it is a minor one. The track itself has a catchy riff and will go done well on any live set the Puppet Kings do.

All in all, there is a lot to take out of this EP and there is a lot to expect from Puppet Kings in the future.