Red Sun Rising Thread

Ohio 2006 - musicians Mike Protich and Ryan Williams randomly cross paths at a gas station after a decade of living near each other and actually attending the same high school. They begin a conversation and it turns out they have a shared passion for music. This is the starting point for Red Sun Rising.

They began putting together some demos and playing a few local gigs a year later and with the introduction of several other musicians who share the same musical passion as Mike (vocalist and guitar) and Ryan (guitar) you have the completed band. Together these guys create a powerful, melodic hard-rock sound with forceful guitars and emotional and quite anthemic vocals. The majority of tracks on Thread follow this rule. Kicking straight in with Fascination listeners are gently introduced to the sound of the Ohio rock band as they blend their own mix of pounding drums and sharp guitars with some excellent guitar solos and riffs.

There are some tracks where the harmonies stand out and really pull everything together a little more such as Left for Dead. On others is it the tones that alters the sound a little. For example the changing pace we have on Stealing Life, which kick starts with an acoustic feel with piano before swinging back to the harder rock however fairly quickly.

The opening beats and pulsations to Deathwish sets it apart from other songs. It's where slick rhythms course through. It is a song that will have you tapping along and as it escalates to a sharp finish, and the song draws to a close there is an almost united chant or march that arises that you just want to put your fists into the air with and sing aloud. As the album closer, Evil Like You is quite the dark finale. It has some eerie child piano sounds that send a shiver with some more sinister tones to the song and the guitars are certainly at their heaviest on this tune.

Red Sun Rising creates quite a blend of sounds on Thread and this album is certainly worth a listen, regardless of your music preferences.