Futurist Manifesto

Throughout his career Deutrom has been part of a varied spectrum of projects, most famously of course as part of the Melvins in the early to mid-nineties but also performing in acts like Sunn O))) as well as solo projects along the way whilst working as a Producer. All of this leans towards Deutrom having an exceptionally intelligent ear for compositions and with The Blue Bird he's constructed an incredibly strong record which for the most part will likely go completely under the radar in the heavy music scene which is a real shame.

Musically each track feels nomadic, one minute you'll be listening to soaring soundscapes filled with a guitar tone taking huge influences from the likes of Pink Floyd and the next it'll feel like you've been suplexed by Brock Lesnar as a crunchy swathe of beastly riffs pour in to your brain. In all honesty, listening to the record a fair few times it will become more and more clear that this was effectively Deutrom going in to a studio and going "yeah, sod it" with most ideas landing on the record itself. For most musicians and artists that would invariably turn things in to a complete clusterfuck but Deutrom's managed to make it work and you're left genuinely unsure as to where the album will turn next from start to finish.

To have the ability to cultivate a record where there is a genuine level of excitement when one track ends and another begins because you're not quite sure as to what you're going to get next is lost on a lot of artists but Deutrom has done so here masterfully. The short little musical interludes between some of the lengthier numbers adds a continual atmospheric feel to proceedings and ties everything together very nicely indeed. Great record.