Rolling rhythms that keep the “Open” sign out for summer.

Inspired lyrics, like “keep your red dress out of the rain, will you drag me to the shallows again?” and “a rhythm that rolls over you like a warm wave,” combined with Sam Brown’s backing vocals give this number a “Fairy Tale Of New York” feel whilst keeping it’s own style and depth. This is what really makes it work and marks it as one you’ll always know. Not sad enough to be a “lighter waver” and yet not happy enough to inspire leaping around, it is also a number that cannot be labelled as being neutral. At first the phrase “I like it but I don’t know why” comes to mind, but the more you hear it the more that becomes “I know why I love it, but don’t ask me, I just do.” The lyrics span extremes of emotion and perhaps it’s this that gives it that “mind play” ability.

“Celebritykiller” is a darker offering that has a strong rhythm line that allows the band to work their axes more and shows another side to the group and their excellent talents. Stronger vocals also come to the fore with a passion that’s only held in check by being “gut tight”.