I'm in Zero Heaven!

Zero 7 have carved a name for themselves with their unique blend of electronica, beautiful organic vocals and instrumental arrangements. Their first album, "Simple Things", was a hit, appealing across the board. Perfect music for chilling on a summer's afternoon or coming-down after a hectic night clubbing.

The new album, "When it Falls", sets to continue their already established sound and, as with all good bands, see it develop as they achieve more and more recognition.

The latest single "In Time" is a decadent track. Featuring the sumptious vocals of Sophie Barker and supported by a pretty guitar line, this is a really mellow song. Perfect for a few beers with friends. It makes you want to dig out the acoustic guitar and have a good old fashioned sing-song!

The single has just been released via the official Zero7 website, www.zero7.co.uk. Only available online, I suggest you keep it on the down-low with this lovely little download!