Gothic Metal In Excellence

'In A Reverie' is for many Lacuna Coil fans, their best. This album has a great dynamic in the way it uses female vocals, that their later albums don't have to the same degree. As a result, news of this album being re-released must have been exciting news to the fanbase.
However, the bonus for the re-release is so poor, there really is little point in buying it unless you don't have the album in the first place. All you get extra are wallpapers, and a new CD cover design. Now, the cover design is very nice, and the slip case is going to protect the CD case itself. The wallpapers are reasonable but is this really enough to justify a re-release?

Well, the album is a strong one, and people who have only heard 'Comalies' will want to pick this up - every track here is strong in it's own way, highlights being the impressive vocals on 'Circle', the cracking guitar work on 'My Wings' and the haunting 'To Myself I Turned'. It's a shame that on listening to newer albums, you feel that the band have lost part of their gothic metal element that they fail to recapture.

If you're a new fan of Lacuna Coil, pick up 'In A Reverie' in any form you can. However, it's only really worth spending extra on this reissue if you're a die hard fan. But whichever form the album comes in, it's still a great album.