The 22-20s Get Your Groove on!

As this song starts, it has the grooviest little riff. The kind of lick that is so funky, it just makes you want to dance! Mmmm, I'm liking this!

As I'm listening to the track and I'm quite merrily nodding along, it's suddenly over. Suffice to say that "22 Days" is only really the one riff and, as good as it is, it's not enough to carry the entire song. Periodically a feeble attempt at a chorus appears and quite frankly, doesn't go anywhere. Such a shame. The main riff has such a wicked groove that it's screaming out for a chorus that grabs you by the short-n-curlies and screams "DANCE" into your ear-canal. It's a pity that instead there is a rather forgettable one line that I'd try to sing, only I can't remember the words.

"22 Days" is still a great radio track; definitely one to turn the volume up and bop along to. It's unfortunate that the chorus doesn't quite polish the track off, as it has the potential to be truly fabulous. I have to admit, as much as the overall sound got me a bit fired up, the fact it didn't really follow through means that I'll not be bothered about listening to the rest of the album.

Neither highly original, or mind-blowingly fantastic, the 22-20s still have real potential; this is, after all, a debut. So although they didn't quite cut it for me this time, I'll listen out for them in the future as they could just do something really special.