You need

Fantastic name for a song, I hoped the track itself was imaginative. This threepiece have stuck to a very tried and tested rock song formula. Verse/Chorus/Verse/Chorus, with some lovely little fills. The Vacation manage to work within the parameters of this most fundamental of song styles, whilst simultaneously making it their own.

A simple little riff allows the song to gel. This simplicity sits perfectly, the catchy hook being polished off by Ben Tegel's vocals. A hybrid of Brian Molko (Placebo) and the guy from JJ72, the vocals are executed to perfection.

A cheeky little number, the relative unfussiness of the song allows The Vacation to stamp it with their own inimitable style. There are many new bands that would do well to listen and learn from these guys. They've stuck to a traditional stanza and stripped the music back to basics. No uneccessary and esoteric programming, and definately no ego-boosting guitar solo. The track is great as a result. Even the lyrics aren't bad. It seems that The Vacation aren't victims of their own hype, believing that every word they utter to be profound. Rather "Destitute Prostitutes" is a natty bit of prose without pretensions of being some deep and meaningful literary masterpiece.

It's great to hear a band so confident in the basics that they don't feel the need to fiddle with the song, tweaking it at every given oppurtunity. This can only mean that they should be as good - if not better - live.