Infectious and intoxicating, Warren Suicide are super sumthin...

Ok, Warren Suicide, 'I Know U' starts of like bubble-gum Nine Inch Nails, turns in to electronic pop munching on a food blender, groovy, delicious, sexy, swivelling, snivelling, grovel to it, it's cool, ye-ah! The male voice like a Germanic maniac germaniac, the female like a smooth beautiful Courtney Love-esque vocal co-ordinator.

The remixes are all really good, adding bits to the song, taking bits away and always providing a nice alternative take on the original idea. Sitting through this single ain't no lugubrious task like most remix-laden releases are. A damn great song really, a sing-along romp-along-stomp-along after a few listens. Congrats to Lucki and Cherie leading with the vocal on this ace effort from Warren Suicide, big ups to Dub Pistols, Transporterraum and (B)racket & Funktion too for the remixes... Yee-ap, cool groove baby.