My favourite accident

Motion City Soundtrack use keyboards and synths and don't want to sound like an eighties band. I love them already, highly unique from the vocals to execution on all parts by all members of the band. Signed to the Epitaph label by Brett Guerwitz, I wish I could compare them to any other band, but it's impossible. Thoroughly engaging from start to finish this CD will draw you in and make you sing along so hard it'll either act as a form of catharsis or it'll steal your soul. This is a new breed of band, that's why it's no wonder they are among the first of non punk sounding bands to be signed to the Epitaph label, an indefinable genre that appeals to all, I Am The Movie by Motion City Soundtrack is a current classic.

The first two tracks "Cambridge" and "Shiver" grab you by the head and dunk you deep into the this band's style. Singer Justin Pierre has one of the most unique and stunning voices I have heard, no one else has the voice of this man, the range he can explore is mind blowing. Complimented perfectly by brilliantly placed Moog parts played by the ever awesome Jesse Johnson, these first two songs help you come to terms with what you are about to face. "The Future Freaks Me out" may have a stupid sounding name, but this song, though thoroughly ridiculous in subject matter and structure, is so unique and poppy without conforming to being pop punk or emo pop.

"Indoor Living", "Modern Chemistry" and "Autographs and Apologies" all showcase the intelligent song writing and softer side of this band. Never ones to whine or growl and not as catchy as the previous tracks, these are the thinking fans' favourites. Systematic drumming and bass lines just right, guitar parts that manipulate the keyboards and Moog and that voice. What these songs make clear is that Justin's voice contrasts against the keyboards and synths and that this is what makes this band so stunning to absorb.

By far the greatest track on this CD is "My Favourite Accident" a song that seems to dazzle in every sense, with memorable sing/shout along choruses, meaningful lyrics, wide vocal range and a style so unique. If there were a checklist as to what makes a great song, this would be it. The breakdown is so unexpected and accompanied with just a guitar, Pierre's voice is once again the main attraction. A very close second would be "Boombox Generation". Once again the odd arrangement and presence of a keyboard and synths make this song breathtaking and mosh worthy all at once, much like the shout along chorus appeal of "Don't Call It A Comeback".

"Mary Without Sound" is another cohesive tracks that pulls you in head over heels. This band are emotional without being emo, there are no clichés here, nothing contrived is present in their music. Songs like this highlight their individuality in a culture where every other band will inevitably collapse to bland pop, this band don't have that option, the type of music they play cannot collapse.

"Perfect Teeth" is among the more radio friendly and accessible songs, very catchy and interactive, you can imagine it being amazing live, and it acts in the same vein of "Capital H", "The Red Dress" and "A OK". "A Ok" is the final track on this CD and is a brilliant one to end it on. It draws all the elements the CD has covered into one song and concludes it neatly, in the way teachers expect you to conclude an essay, neat and unique. Motion City Soundtrack are an incomparable band that you certainly need in your life. Give it a listen, you may find your life is never the same again. Every musician that plays on this record brings a different talent and element to these songs. Joshua Cain, Tony Thaxton, Justin Pierre, Jesse Johnson and Matthew Taylor all in all produced a stunning record, one for the collectors and kids of all ages, this is what I want the 00's to be remembered for, raw talent and originality.