Ready, aim...

So Fightstar...we all have an opinion on Fightstar. My personal query is, as to how many of Fightstar's fans actually know who Palahnuik is and exactly how many Busted fans made up the crowd at Fightstar's last and first UK tour.

In case you forget this is Eyebrows, sorry, Charlie from Busted's new band. What's funny is that he isn't why I don't like this single all that much. His vocals actually suit this type of music really well. I can't pidgeonhole this just because this is Charlie-from-Busted's-new-band because emo gets a lot worse (Did anyone HEAR Finch at Give It A Name? Yeah, enough said...)

This single isn't really all that bad, and it does grow on you, the guitars are epic and compliment Simpson's vocals. But unfortunately his fellow vocalist's voice is far too fragile and weak to support this song, which contains crashing guitars and somewhat intense drumming. I know emo folk are meant to sound like if you prod them their hearts will shatter to a thousand pieces, but I'm sorry oh trendy haircut sporting black t-shirt clad one, this song doesn't do it for me with your vocals on it. 'Paint Your Target' is a good follow up to 'Palahnuik's Laughter' picking up where it left off, without just cranking out the same song twice, which I'm pretty sure every half arsed emo band does, if you liked the first single you'll like this one. A half and half affair, nothing spectacular, but perhaps a hint that things might not be as dismal for this band as I thought they would be. A hit in passing, but certainly not a classic in the making.