Debut album from soon to be superstars Odd-Man-Out

Odd-Man-Out are four young men pushing their DIY ethics and exclusive brand of rock to heights that have never been touched before. Their debut album, 'It All Ends Here' has the traits of a top-flight British rock act. I desperately searched on this CD for a record label but it wasn't long until I realised that this band are unsigned and 100% independent, recording this album in the basements of their own homes and paying all finances out of their own back pocket. The real question is, will their music match their stunning cover?

Previously, the band has released 3 EP's and odd tracks on numerous compilations. Their latest offering 'It All Ends Here' is a 49 minute extravaganza. Blending melodic post hardcore with hard-line rock usually associated with the Foo Fighters. But don't let that description put you off. Unlike the Foo Fighters, Odd-Man-Odd have something spectacular to contribute to the music industry and could have the labels feeding out of their hands. Each of the ten songs on here are unique and spectacular in their sound. For example 'F.R.A.N.K' is a 6-minute roller coaster ride which then contrasts to the 2 minute mellow instrumental. With each songs extensively long length, the album creates it's own atmosphere for you to indulge in and literally live within.

The band's influences clearly show in their music. 'West is (broken at)' is the perfect beginning for a Hot Water Music song and the sing along choruses the band introduce in their songs shows similarities to that of a Foo Fighter's classic. There are some interesting moments the band produce, especially their instrumentals. 'Take Out' is a great introduction and leads well into the 1st verse. It's hard to pick out any faults in the band's musicianship apart from the fact that some sections of songs do drag on.

One thing that is extraordinary about this band is that their album is 100% self produced. When initially hearing this CD it's unbelievable to think that the band had recorded it themselves. The quality of the recording is at least as good as any of those bands signed to a major label. To think that the band had risked the sound of their recording in order to save a couple pounds may have actually become a benefit towards their sound.

'It All Ends Here' is one great buy. Not only are Odd-Man-Out one of the UK's most stimulating bands around. They have produced one of the best self-produced albums so far this year. The future promises a lot more from Odd-Man-Out in the future.