Magnificent touching rock

'To Die For' is fresh, sharp and anthemic. It's an epic tune with fragility of tender guitars and pure, elegant vocals. The guitars cascade into a hypnotic crescendo, the vocals are awe-inspiring, but it's still a powerful, compelling rock song. The overdriven guitar hook awakens the imagination and the whole tune is remarkably catchy.

'So Beautiful' is a tune worthy of similar acclaim to that of REM or U2. The guitar and vocals interact perfectly to build up suspense in the minimalist verse and peak in chiming chords during the modest chorus, "so beautiful / let me keep on holding on". It's one of the most unindulgent, but amazingly touching tunes I've heard for years; we don't need Coldplay's overplayed crooning anymore. 'Backroom' is sweet and pensive with Springsteen-esque melodic guitars and raw vocals.

I'm not surprised to learn that Undercut supported Cherryfalls; they share the same crisp vocals and emotional honesty, but there's something about Undercut that makes them all the more original and touching. With interest from major radio stations already developing, I'm certain Undercut will have a bright future.