Truly special

Aaah, the warm nostalgic crackle of the gramophone. I've got records that sound like that (some are even older than me!), but it's not the only nostalgic thing about it. The opening orchestral crescendo is pure E.L.O. It moves into a blend of the Archies 'Sugar, Sugar' and delicious Beach Boys harmonies infused with Motown and country and western steel guitar.

It's a warm pure pop box of chocolates on its own. The Duke himself (Peter Wilson ) sounds like Steven Tin Tin Duffy, another blast from the past. When you've finished with it, you'll find the bugger just bounces round your head- you can't rid yourself of it. In these days of wimpish, fey stuff, itís good to have someone around who isn't afraid of 3 minute singles with enough quirks to make them more than mainstream. It comes from the album 'Adventures In Gramophone' (out NOW! on Hag records) if it's all as good as this, I might be forced to buy a copy...