Cheap Thrills

'50 to a ' is guaranteed to burn down any indie disco and create mayhem at any of The Paddingtons' gigs- it's got everything; a smashing entrance, it's fast with pounding drums, the vocals scream pure English fuck 'em attitude and the chorus is a rallying call to the kids.

From the scene that The Libertines bred, the question is: what makes The Paddingtons different to all the other bands that have sized such an opportunity? Well nothing in particular- they're a fucking ace band to jump, scream and listen to with an attitude in the music that makes '50 to a ' a worthy song, even though it's not gonna blow you away for more than 3mins and 3secs.

So is '50 to a ' worth two bob?- if it's a cheap thrill you're looking for then you've come to the right band.