Purely Dead Music

Nailed are, by any stretch of the imagination, really damn loud. The ever-growing brutal metal genre has scored itself another addition to it's ranks, and Yorkshire based Andy Whittaker and co. are filling in all the expected parts when it comes to brutal metal, the burning walls of guitar and full onslaught vocals are here. There are clear thrash and death metal elements here, and fans of anyone from Trivium through to Decapitated should be able to take some enjoyment out of this album.

"Rapist's Ruin" and "Crowning Of A Cripple" are both excellent songs. Dynamic, clever, original and very, very loud. Sadly however, these two songs are the only reason you could possibly want to hear A Pure World is a Dead World. The rest of this album feels like it's hastily put together, and this is a damn shame because the two stand out tracks sound like they are coming from seasoned and experianced metallers, yet what you get is dreary screamed rubbish. If I was forced, I would say "Forgotten Idol" was a half decent track, but if you've already heard the two opuses from this album it's just as weak as the rest.

Overall, what we have are is another generic, standard brutal metal band. Yes, the thrash element is there but it's not enough to supress the overriding feeling that this has all been done before. Bands like Agiel, Necrodemon and Rigor Mortis may be more death metal and less brutal, but they provide a much more complex and mature sound than Nailed do. This album is worth picking up for Rapist's Ruin and Crowning Of A Cripple, but you might want to steer clear otherwise.