Pride Comes Before a Fall

When I heard that Razorwire were supposedly underground metal legends that sounded like a cross between Anthrax and Therapy? I was expecting to enjoy this band. Oh, how wrong I was!

This album opens with a track called 'Dipole' which stats with one element that should never be added to metal music…Rapping. It sounds like a mixture of Disturbed and Rage against the Machine. This is simply horrible nu-metal.

The second track, 'D-Fens' has hints of Faith No More, which helps the music ever so slightly, but again, lead singer Chris' vocals are horrible. 'Good Times' is a horrible rip-off of Linkin Park.

What saddens me about this album is that every now and then there is a really catchy riff or intro, which is blatantly ruined by Fred Durst-like vocals that completely ruins the whole album. For instance, on tracks like 'Lock Down' and 'A Bullet Called Pride' there is some really catchy music.

The highlights? Are there any? Not really. Apart from some of the musical parts of the songs I mentioned previously, the drummer is merely good enough for a nu-metal outfit such as this, and the same goes for the guitarist and bassist.

There is really not much else to say about this band because there is nothing new here that hasn't been done since the nu-metal trend started. This band are simply an awful mix of Rage Against The Machine, Linkin Park and possibly Devildriver. This band is anything but a mixture of Anthrax and Therapy?.

This album and this band were a great disappointment as to what I was expecting. Another nu-metal band who will have faded into the abyss within another five years, and they won't be anymore popular than they are now.