No Need To Question This Record

System of a Down are masters of sound changes. Perhaps it was Nirvana who were supposedly at the forefront of the loud/quiet song structure, but System of a Down are the band to take this to a new level on their latest single 'Question'.

By now you've probably already bought, listened to or felt ashamed because you downloaded the album, so a long-winded description of the track shouldn't be necessary for you. For those who have not heard anything off the latest masterpiece from those LA mentalists, 'Question' is an ideal place to start. It's a psychotic blend of acoustic guitaring and soothing vocals, yet it also boasts the kind of emotive chorus that is designed to be sung by large crowds. Like so much of their work, 'Question' rubs metal with more unusual influences and produces a fiery concoction that will please those who are after another 'Roulette' as well as those who favour the more upbeat songs.

At all times though, 'Question' shows off just how independent System of a Down are. Sounding very much like a System of a Down track, yet unlike anything else currently out in the music scene, it's typical of such a vibrantly artistic band. Having been beaten to the number one album spot by none other than the wonderful Faithless, let's just hope that System of a Down can win over the singles chart...