The Yards; Forget Yor Regrets

Blimey crikey! What a corker of a single. I LOVE this one! If you like sixties psychedelia, you're onto a winner here. The single from the new album takes the sound of The Who and Cream and sends it crashing through the barriers into the noughties. Even the vocals sound like a Frankenstein of Jack Bruce and Roger Daltrey-bloody marvellous!

Chris Helme hasn't been idle since the bust up of The Seahorses, thank Zarquon! This, the debut single from the self-titled album consists of two tracks make me wanna go out and blag the album off somebody (might even PAY for a copy)!

These two songs are a nice contrast. The storming 'Forget Your Regrets', the first track, you've got the gist of above. The second, 'Get Off My Back' is live, acoustic and has a bit of early Fairport Convention about it and a hint of The Verve. It's wonderfully laid back and intense at the same time. If people don't buy this record, they're probably already dead!