New World's Fair

Comprised of two brothers who've been together for just over a year, the Dodgems release their debut single on August 8th. 'It's Alright' is in that old school revivalist rock vein but it's catchy enough and doesn't have those annoying whining vocals or the overproduced guitar sound. All in all it's pretty good but not outstanding; yeah, sure it's decent enough but it's not good enough to make you cream your pants. However I like it still and it has some nice variety, just not quite enough to make it a killer.

Second track 'White Rivers' is a mid tempo affair that in its structure is reminiscent of TSOOL, not as slick but still inventive and good enough to warrant further attention.

'Just Another Night' is faster and more fun, no doubt a top track live, on record it lacks a little intensity but does enough to maintain interest. Promising beginnings though if they can stay away from the cliché rock sound and just do their own thing. If you get the chance, check them out live, I wager that it's in the live environment that these guys will really shine.