Broadly appealing, intelligent song writing

Discovered by an English A&R man whilst driving a cab in his native Norway, singer songwriter Robert Post looks set to make 2005 a year to remember as he releases his stunning debut single, 'Got None' after recently completing a tour of the UK, Ireland and France with fellow pop-rock songwriter, Aimee Mann.

'Got None' has been plugging its way across the airwaves on various radio stations for weeks now, as well as receiving recognition as Radio Two's Record of the Week. Part of the charm of 'Got None' is without a doubt its beautifully memorable melody that will ripple through your brain for days on end. Post's smooth voice is similar to that of Paul McCartney, while the quirky bounce of piano and strings echo those of Slade's 'Coz I Love You'.

Whilst 'Got None' is heartfelt, emotive and poignant, it is also witty and intelligent, and doesn't fail to raise a smile with its cute, thought-provoking lyrics, which is perhaps the reason for its broad appeal and ability to withstand the kind of extensive radio play it has received without becoming irritating. We can only wait with anticipation to see if Post's album (expected 22nd August) can live up to the promise suggested by this delightful single.