Well-crafted pop for a sunny summer's day

Plenty of bands around at the moment play the quirky card, but Sam & Me genuinely produce something different, like the tinny Beach Boys mixed with a little classic indie, their tunes roll along - very easy on the ears.

Like a ride down through Blackpool Pleasure Beach, 'Sonic Boomerang' is instilled with a candy cute tune and buzzing, mellow vocals that seem to whirl the listener round and round in a cushion of chilled out happiness. It's a wonderful pop tune that just can't be hurried and bounces along like a platform game character in a merry electronic world, as suggested by the minimalist cover. The vocals are simple and melodic, with timpani ringing out to further the delicious summery sound littered with curious instrumentals and musical additions.

'The Path' takes a little drop of country into the mix and forges a sweet, neat and beautiful ballad with gentle acoustic backing. Both tracks were recorded partially and mixed in a bedroom, and although you wouldn't tell from the quality, the arrangments themselves certainly have a very home made, offbeat feel to them. A breath of fresh air in today's market, Sam & Me are sure to stand out, and their tunes are definitely well worth a listen.