In A Blaise Of Glory

Tara Blaise is an artist that is hard to pigeonhole, she definitely is not a pop star as her music is far more intelligent than that. Possibly 'Celtic acoustic indie' would be a fair way to try and describe the music. But one thing that is impossible to describe is the haunting beauty in her voice. If Enya could send a shiver down your back with the haunting Celtic tunes that she performs, well Blaise has the a voice that sends tingles down your whole spine.

There isn't a track on this album that couldn't be a single, so it must have been an impossible choice, but the first single will be "Paperback Cliche", a rather powerful but yet quite commercial track. "The Three Degrees", yes that 70's all female trio that Prince Charles liked, is the track that gets the album moving. Some of the album tracks have already been aired on BBC Radio 2, especially on their evening music programmes.

The great thing about this is there are no heavy riffs, no heavy drum beats, no screeching vocals; it is a wonderful change. The guitars are very much acoustic led, which mixes superbly with the spine tingling vocals of Blaise. This is definitely an album to relax to during the hot, hot days of summer. The song writing partnership of Blaise and Irish composer John Hughes has worked wonderfully, and produced an album of beautiful melodic music. The one thing I do find hard to believe is that Tara Blaise was a member of the Irish all girl group 'Bellefire', as they were rubbish, and Blaise's music is far superior from where she came from. Girl Power's loss is the music lover's gain, and "Dancing On Tables Barefoot" is an album worthy of having in the CD changer.