This Ain't No Shambles

Pete Doherty certainly knows how to keep in the public eye and that being in the public eye is one way of shifting single and album sales. With the Babyshambles not due to release an album until October we are treated to this single. It certainly has the title that will make radio DJs titter and try and get round saying the title 'Fuck Forever'. Nobody can doubt that Pete is doing his bit to promote the single in more than one way as most of the tabloid press hound him for stretching Kate Moss' knicker elastic, I say good luck to him and am rather jealous!

This single is somewhat of a departure from the normal Pete Doherty, the romanticist and a particular style of punk/indie music. This single is far gruffer, it is more stop start very reminiscent of grunge music of bygone days. There are some fine lyrics in this single if you can get past the word "Fuck", as Doherty questions politics, life and his problems.

This is a single that is different to what we have been offered in the past by Babyshambles, it is reminiscent of the Libertines. But one thing as long as you are not easily shocked by the title and can get over it, this is one hell of a single, worthy of a top spot better than all that pop and hip hop crap.