The Unchosen - Billie Jean

The cover version is historically the safe haven for badly advised popsters, washed up crooners and Justin Hawkins. So where exactly Brit rock hopefuls The Unchosen sit in this pantheon of musical greats is pretty much dependent upon your viewpoint. Imagine Scott Stap and friends drunk on communal wine egged on to bash out a few half-arsed covers and you're pretty close to the sound of this version of the Wacko Jacko classic.

Even arguably the most recognisable bass-line in music isn't safe, here tweaked awkwardly to dubious effect, while the chorus has been transformed into a nu-grunge bash of cringe-worthy proportions. As a serious rock band, choosing to release a cover version as lead track from any new album is a questionable choice; choosing to release one this bad is just plain daft. However all of this does beg the question of what would the Jackson camp think of The Unchosen's effort? Presumably the only reaction in Neverland that this single would likely provoke would be sheer relief at finally something more embarrassing.