Punk Rock Fury & Hardcore Intensity = Explosive Rock 'N' Roll

Never judge a book by its cover, or an album for that matter. The cover of Divide The Day's new album looks like your average punk album; similarly, with track names like 'You Say You Want Space? I'll Give You The Fucking Galaxy!' and 'Jesus is Coming... Look Busy', I was expecting nothing more than forty-five minutes of throw-away pop-punk, and began mentally composing some suitably scathing comments...

Luckily, this just goes to show how wrong you can be; who would have thought that 'Pretty Girls With Ugly Boys' would turn out to be the kind of exhausting display of hardcore punk intensity and growling rock 'n' roll anthems that we have here? From the instant that this album opens, with the crushing riffs and pounding drums of 'My Yellow Pages Girl', you realise that you are about to be subject to one mind-blowing attack on the senses as the guitars wail with massive, winding rock 'n' roll hooks over screaming hardcore vocals. 'Everybody In Florida Wears Running Shoes' has an equally monstrous sound as the dark, dirty guitars howl alongside the huge metal vocals and upbeat punk chanting. Although 'File This Under Good Ideas At The Time' slides slightly into the kind of whiny Californian emo-punk I was expecting, it is still undeniably catchy, and is rescued by the utterly convincing vocals and driving guitar work.

If you aren't worn out by now, then by the end of 'Jesus is Coming... Look Busy' you will be. 'Jeff Mechie...You Son of a Bitch!' and 'The Amazing Bro Basher 5000' evoke comparisons with the dark, violent sound and punk energy of bands like My Chemical Romance and Every Time I Die, as they grab you by the throat and leave you gasping for air with their triple assault of explosive drums, breathless vocals and suffocating guitar. Even the slower tracks, such as 'East Willock Road' and 'strive' are equally exhausting, and full of believable emotional anguish, while 'You Say You Want Space?...' feels slightly schizophrenic in the tension between melodic vocals and the distraught screaming that punctuates the track. Finally, 'Totally Outrageous Por Favor!', 'Vegas Baby Vegas' and 'We Don't Mean To Impose...' are dark n' dirty, punchy rock 'n' roll anthems, with the kind of swaggering guitar work and raw rock energy that would be equally at home in a Velvet Revolver song.

Although there are occasional lapses into the typical Californian whine, these are entirely forgivable when coupled with the kind of explosive hardcore fury and crushing rock 'n' roll displayed by here. Despite being exhausting at times, the catchy hooks and singable melodies make this a brilliant album, full to bursting with intricate, well-constructed songs. A must for fans of punk, hardcore and rock 'n' roll anthems. Take a chance on this album despite its appearance - you won't be disappointed.