John 5 plays it right again

Following the success of "Vertigo" comes John 5's latest offering, "Songs for Sanity". A brutal mix of the spine shaking chords that Marilyn Manson fans will enjoy, some excellent distortion and editing that makes John's guitar make even more bizarre sounds, and a generous sprinkling of extraordinary solos comes blasting out from all angles right from the start on this album.

Everything on here smarts of genius - there literally is not a time when the complex speed and head crunching guitars stop. Tracks like "Death Valley", "Damaged" and the extraordinary "Gods And Monsters" act as a showcase for John's genius talent.

There's no better time to hear John 5, either. Having already collected a huge fan base during his time with Marilyn Manson, Judas Priest's Rob Halford and David Lee Roth; John 5 has now been given the opportunity to show the masses what a guitar solo album should sound like. He's enlisted help from two guitar legends, Steve Vai and Albert Lee, who both contribute a solo to this album.

Once this album has won your heart over, and it will, you'll be caught with a burning desire to see a John 5 show. He'll be playing with Rob Zombie at Ozzfest, and his own band "Loser" have recently been signed to a record label, so the future is looking very bright indeed for this genius virtuoso.

If you're a fan of complex guitar solos, whether it be a quick Yngwie Malmsteem, right through to the most mind bending Dream Theater shred, John 5 will hypnotise you with his creativity and sheer talent. A must for everyone.