Saucy Monky - Good Day Down

‘Good Day Down’ is the first single to be taken from Saucy Monky’s new album ‘Turbulence’, which has been home produced by one of the main vocal contributors Cynthia Catania, and will certainly build on the popularity that they have already earnt. An appearance at Oxygen in Ireland last year has seen a fan base grow in the native country of the other singer Annmarie Cullen, and they are already causing a stir over in the US where the band formed.

With Saucy Monky’s work, and this track in particular, there is a real feel of the female led bands of the Brit pop scene in the mid nineties, rock with a slice of pop about it but something that you can jump around the room too. A powerful piece of Indy rock with a catchy tune and infectious guitar and keyboard rifts that are guaranteed to get stuck in the brain. I guess in that way you could also compare it to the kind of thing Avril Lavigne might do, only it’s much cooler than that.

This band are already starting to go places in other countries, with a single like this there’s no reason why they shouldn’t grow in popularity in the UK.