Oasis: The Importance of Being Idle Review

The new single from the hit album 'Don't Believe The Truth' sees Oasis return to a slower form of rock ballad. The Importance of Being Idle has already been labelled: "The Coffin Song" in reference to the bizarre, opera-on-the-streets styling of the accompanying video where undertakers dance in step with the tools of their trade. Noel's vocals are hard hitting as well as haunting and the sentiment in this song wafts from the streets of society. This is not an ode to depression or misery. It's an anthem for the mundane, the downtrodden, those who rise above the slow, meandering pace and pleasure of life and somehow manage to get by day after day. Pursuing this new, slower version of rock and roll means Oasis risk alienating some of their hard-core support and pre-release reviews of this single haven't all been drenched in praise. Yet without jaunts into different avenues of music, without the nerve and balls of steel to depart from the traditional fare and journey into choppy waters, Oasis would sound dull, predictable and past it. The inventive streak is what keeps the band popular.

Students will love this song's take on a young wanderer getting used to the pros and pitfalls of the modern world. Here, a child grows up and has to deal with everyone who demands both attention and payment. The song dips its toes into the cool waters of mellow rock but never quite dares to skinny dip. The Importance of Being Idle is the point in history where Oasis broke new ground and proved that they could be a band for the new century. Make sure you step between the cracks in the pavement as you skip to the record shop. For this is a track which will instil more than a shiver of superstition in even the bravest of souls. A truly superb record.