Undeniably catchy, sophisticated pop-punk

Chicago based four-piece Fall Out Boy seem to be the band on everyone's lips right now. With the kind of magnificent pop-punk melodies showcased by 'Sugar, We're Goin' Down' it's no wonder that the single reached number one on MTV's TRL chart rundown and their second full-length album 'From Under the Cork Tree' has already gone Gold.

Beginning with surging over-driven guitar and hissing cymbals, Patrick Stump's gloriously smooth pop vocals bring out the best of the single's emotive lyrics, blending perfectly their mixture of emo intensity, punk energy and pop melody. As their mainstream MTV success may suggest, Fall Out Boy may not perhaps be the band of choice for those of us who like their rock fast and furious; but however cynical you may be, two listens is enough to find yourself totally seduced by the single's beautifully infectious melody and recognise the mature sophistication that elevates Fall Out Boy miles above other bands who attempt this kind of sound.